Carol May

Melissa was helpful, knowledgeable and easy to talk with.

Pat Howard

Melissa got us a good price and sold the property fast.

Caroline and Peter Paquet

Melissa knew the market very well and did a good job advising us on asking price. We needed several repairs to be done as part of the selling agreement. Melissa's help and knowledge of local services was invaluable to us as we were not full time residents. She was so helpful in being there to coordinate. Thanks to Melissa for seeing us through the entire process!

Corey Albert

Melissa was very helpful in providing the information needed to determine the questions I had, any issues needed to be resolved, she had reliable contacts to get the job done. Melissa also helped cover some of the cost for a couple of issues...nice surprise!

Shannon & David Berlant

We met Melissa the first time we came into the Windermere Gearhart office. We searched for a house off and on for over a year before we decided to build. During that time, Melissa always made time to show us properties we were interested in. She did a wonderful job helping us figure out whom to speak with to answer our development questions. We would recommend her to family and friends!

Mathew & Lynn Nichols

We were recommended to Melissa and we loved her relaxed manner and careful attention to the details of our home purchase. Melissa was thoughtful and easy to work with. We would use her again.

Claudia Rosenthal

Instantaneous communication!!! We were very impressed and it was a random drive into Gearhart Oregon. We count ourselves lucky to have found this great property and have everything move so smoothly. We would refer her to our friends and family members. Melissa was so sweet as to give us THREE gifts!

Curt & Martha Moulton

Melissa is a great communicator. She used humor, sympathy, and empathy in our interactions - and patience. We are completely satisfied!

Jennifer Trembath-Thies

Melissa went above and beyond service in helping my husband look and find our home, with me working out of State for the major of the transaction. We
could not have asked for a better real estate agent !

Jane Grecco

Melissa was excellent in following up on all of the little details that needed to be addressed. She was wonderful to work with. Very happy with her.